Newsletter 9.20.19

Scott Holcomb

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High priorities targeted for cuts to meet Georgia governor's order

James Salzer
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

State Rep. Scott Holcomb, D-Atlanta, who worked with the chamber's Republican leadership to resolve the rape-kit backlog, said he was concerned the state is retreating from its work to solve the problem.

"Criminals who commit sexual assaults often do it repeatedly, so that is why there is urgency that kits be tested and that they be tested quickly," Holcomb said. Read More »

DNA Evidence Will be Stored for 50 Years Under New State Law

Kate Elizabeth Queram
Route Fifty

Holcomb proposed the new rules after a CNN investigation found that law enforcement agencies in multiple states had destroyed rape kits while the statues of limitations for the crimes were still running. Georgia was not named in the story, but Holcomb said he wanted to ensure that the state had appropriate rules in place to preserve evidence. Read More »

Here are some of the state laws going into effect Monday

Curt Yeomans
Gwinnett Daily Post

"This bill builds upon our state's prior work to address the backlog of untested sexual assault kits," Holcomb said in a statement after the bill was signed into law in early May. "Now that we have the evidence, we need to preserve it. And bring cases." Read More »

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